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About the Summit

Introducing MedDevice Ignition, one-step closer to the Medical device market. The 3 day conference + expo will assist to understand the methodology, regulatory, market-entry, research and development, demand, market drivers, opportunity, brand vision, customer retention and budding entrepreneurs.

Don’t miss your chance to gain an exclusive and current state of Medtech industry. We bring together professionals from all corners of research and market innovation. Our agenda will consist of with different level of the panel discussion, podium dialogue, competitions, poster, live presentation, podcast and remote presentation, product lunch workshop, symposium, seminar and pre-conference workshops.

Let’s discuss speaking opportunity at MedDevice Ignition. Visitors can present in the form of oral, poster, panel rounds, lectures, idea based sessions, lightning talks and virtual presentation. All presentation published in our book of abstracts. Authors and researchers can explore the full paper presentation.

People will also have the option to present their research remotely through skype.

What special on our agenda!!

  • Regulatory Roundtable
    An interactive Q&A session with the audiences with regulatory genius
  • @nofilter CEO Catchup
    A set of questionnaire which we don’t discuss anywhere else. Our dais will have CEO’s from all level of companies.
  • Research-based Chat Session
    Another informal discussion of problems with our research
  • Cafe Debate on Clinical Trials
    Internal discussions among stakeholders (clinical investigators, patients, payers, physicians, and regulators) about research, patients, time, practices, money, materials, and many more

  • Many more surprises for delegates and speakers

MedDevice Ignition setting the standards of how the industry should connect and exchange ideas and discuss the future of medical devices and discover the latest in cutting-edge technologies and Artificial Intelligence. It provides insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of executives involved in the design, innovation and quality of medical devices. Hear first-hand case studies presented by our executive speaker faculty with extensive experience driving development and process strategy excellence. Walk away with strategic insights to streamline processes, optimize development, design, decrease risk, improve speed to market, reduce costs, and remain compliant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The future is here, and at MedDevice Ignition you’ll come to know about the tools and knowledge you need to put the evolving landscape of technologies into the context of your own organization, for today and tomorrow.

Here one can join the discussion with the huge number of industry peers and industry leaders from around the world/globe as we explore the challenges and opportunities in medical device development, quality management, and speed to commercialization (concept to commercialization). We strongly encourage you to join us for three days of thought-provoking content and exceptional networking.

MedDevice Ignition_Conference

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MedDevice Ignition_Conference

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MedDevice Ignition_Conference

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MedDevice Ignition_Conference

Boom Business

Conference Chair

Dr Ruchi Dana_Kentron Insight_MedDevice Ignition

Dr Ruchi Dana
Board Member
Dana Group

Technical Chair


Dr. Mohamed Elezbawy
Senior Business Manager

Advisory Committee Member

Odd Viking Höglund_MedDevice Ignition

Odd Viking Hoglund
Associate Professor
Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Janis Correia MedDevice Ignition 2020

Janis Correia
CBD Worldwide Inc


Andrew Haines MedDevice Ignition 2020

Andrew Haines
Head of GB
Murray’s Medical  Ltd
United Kingdom

Hasan Al-Nashash MedDevice Ignition 2020

Hasan Al-Nashash
American University of Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Mirza R. Baig

Dr. Mirza R. Baig
Professor & Head
Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls

Prof. Dr. S.A.Khan_Kentron Insight

Prof. Dr. S.A.Khan
Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls

Top Speakers

Awani Ayoubi President-CEO, Rostrum Medical Innovations Kentron MedDevice Ignition 2020

Awni Ayoubi
Rostrum Medical Innovations

Tyler Aroner Kentron MedDevice Ignition 2020

Tyler Aroner
Aroner Surgical LLC

Torrey Smith_Kentron MedDevice Ignition 2020

Torrey Smith

Omar Al Bardan_MedDevice Ignition

Omar Al Bardan
Musculoskeletal Medical Device Expert
JMS Gulf
Saudi Arabia

Sandy Rihana

Sandy Rihana
Associate Professor
Holy Spirit University Of Kaslik


Youth Ambassador

Nikolaos Evangeliou MedDevice Ignition 2020

Nikolaos Evangeliou
New York University
United Arab Emirates

Salma Umar MedDevice Ignition 2020

Salma Umar
Dubai Pharmacy college
United Arab Emirates

Technical Tracks

19th Oct 2020 20th Oct 2020 21th Oct 2020
Anesthesia & Respiratory Devices
  • Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Systems
  • Pain Management Devices
  • Anesthesia Machine, Mask, breathing filters and Bags
  • Airway Technology
  • Nebulizer Therapy
Recall Regulatory Steps
  • AAMI ISO standards, MDSAP
  • EU Medical Device Regulations
  • FDA Pathway Problem: 510(K), PMA, HDE & De Novo
  • Manufacturer vs Regulatory Body
  • UDI, labelling & certification
  • Regulatory framework in different regions
  • Regulatory reform on medical device packaging
Industry Next
  • Lifecycle of Device: Development, Design, Manufacturing & Regulation
  • Evolution of Traditional Medical Devices Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Medical Devices
  • IOT, BIG DATA & Blockchain Implementation
  • Data Privacy: Clinical and Commercial Challenges and Opportunities
  • User Centric Design & Security of Medical Device
Ready for COVID-19 & next pandemic?
  • Science of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Rapid Detection Kit & Remote monitoring devices
  • Ventilators, Face masks and respirators, Gowns and glove
  • Sterilizers, disinfectant devices, and air purifiers
  • Demand Outstrippying supply
  • Boost of Telehealth technology
  • Priority medical device for pandemic disease
Medical Device Investment
  • What to know before invest in medical device & areas of Investment
  • Early Stage Investing, Investor Pool & VC Investment
  • Device industry IPO Trends
  • Low Cost Device value in developing nations
  • Way to better portfolio: Merger & Acquisitions or Outsourcing
  • Govt funding in different countries & its success rates
Pharmaceutical + Medical Device
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Pricing & Market Access
  • Opioid Medication in Life Section Industry
  • Post Marketing Commercialization in USA, Europe & Asia
  • Intellectual property
  • Medical Device/Combination Products
Dental Devices
  • Advancement in Dentistry and Oral Cancer
  • Dental hygiene & Public Health
  • Dental Practice Growth & Ergonomics
  • Dental Imaging and Photography Innovation
  • Dental Biomaterial Science
  • Dental Practice Marketing
Diabetes Care Devices
  • Diabetes Research in Clinical Practice & Emerging Diagnosis
  • Glucose Sensors, Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Pumps Practices
  • Improper Diet, Obesity Rate Challenges
Neurology Devices
  • Neurostimulation Devices, Laser Technology & RNS
  • Anti-Epiletic Treatments
  • Wearable and Non – Invasive Technology
  • Neurobotics & Neurorehabilitation
Cardiovascular Devices
  • Frontiers in Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Complications in Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Clinical Pathway and Approval of Cardiovascular Devices
In Vitro Diagnostics
  • IVD Regulation in USA, Europe and Asia
  • POC Technology and Biomarker Innovation
  • Regulatory Challenges for Novel Diagnostics
  • Combination Device for IVD Technology
Ophthalmic & ENT Devices
  • Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • New Trends in ENT Implantation
  • Audiology and Hearing Rehabilitation
Nephrology and Urology Devices
  • Incontinence Devices
  • Wearable Artificial Kidney
Orthopedic Device
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Computer & Robotic Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
Wound Care Management
  • Ulcers and Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Diabetic Wound Management

MedDevice Ignition 2020 Competitions

Competition 1: "Novel Startup 2020"

Unveil | Pact | Backing

Criteria to enter the competition:

  • Firm started between 2017-2018
  • Product prototype information
  • Product with pre-clinical data
  • Product would solve a certain  problem in medical device industry directly or indirectly
  • Minimum 2 members should be present in the team

Startup Judges: Will be announced soon. To be a part of the mentor team, mail us at

MedDevice Ignition_Conference_competition


  • To sponsor this competition, contact us for more details

Important Dates: 

  • Application Deadline: 15th March, 2020
  • Screening Teams Announcement: 15th May, 2020
  • Final Applicants to present at MedDevice Ignition: 15th June, 2020
Competition 2: "Visionary Product Design"

A prominent design competition to select the best professional engineered and perfectly designed product for user. Lets bring together all competitive companies, designer, buyers, users and design critics with a belief to shape the science of design for medical device.

Criteria to enter the competition

  • Team must have two or more member working on devices, tools or equipment only
  • A product in a concept and prototype stage can enter
  • An approved patent product can also apply
  • All type of equipment and instrument that is the part of the device can be submitted
  • Medicinal or drug related product are not eligible
  • All medical devices are eligible to enter the competition from all 17 medical device markets
  • Products available commercially are not eligible
MedDevice Ignition_Conference_competition

Judges: It consists of industry and academic experts that will be announced soon. To nominate for the jury position, write to us.


  • To sponsor this competition, contact us for more details

Important Dates: 

  • Application Deadline: 15th March, 2020
  • Screening Teams Announcement: 15th May, 2020
  • Final Applicants to present at MedDevice Ignition: 15th June, 2020
Competition 3: "#Creative Diagnostics"

#Creative Diagnostics is specially designed for higher education students with an aim to recognize products that have potential to accelerate research in theories, principles, and computational techniques. It will test student’s knowledge and practical skills in the field of medical device.

Criteria to enter the competition:

  • Product entering the competition should be detecting the disease or illness
  • Product diagnosing disease are not applicable
  • All kind of POC and rapid diagnostics techniques detecting chemical, biohazard, disease, symptoms are eligible
  • Achieving the objective of the product to reach the diagnostics goal
  • How successful to achieve the focus area of product
  • Any product with price lesser than the present available product
  • The maximum no. of team size is 10
Medical _Kentron Insight

Judges: It consists of industry and academic experts that will be announced soon. To be a part of this mentor team, mail us at


  • To sponsor this competition, contact us for more details

Important Dates: 

  • Application Deadline: 15th March, 2020
  • Screening Teams Announcement: 15th May, 2020
  • Final Applicants to present at MedDevice Ignition: 15th June, 2020
Podium Engagement

Regulatory Roundtable

Understand the regulation of medical device straight from the horse’s mouth. An interactive Q&A session with our audience. Let us unveil:

  • The strategy of EU CE mark approval
  • Device Clinical Trials
  • Effect of Brexit on the device industry
  • Recall & marketing strategy
  • FDA Pathway: 510K, PMA, Denovo & HDE
@nofilter CEO Catchup​

In-depth understanding of market conditions, industry focus, future plans, challenges, acquisitions and competitions. Let us revolutionize the device sector and speak openly to understand market dynamics.

  • Lab to Market
  • Consumer data and security
  • UAE Market Entry

Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunity

Whether you’re increasing your company profile, launching a new product or creating business development opportunities we have a package to suit your needs. We can provide flexible and tailored solutions to optimise your investment. Below are some examples of how you can get involved in the event. For more information on how your organisation could benefit from this event and to discuss the full range of lead generation, networking and branding opportunities, please click on Why exhibit?

Outreach Partner

Content Partner

Academic Partner

Dubai Pharmacy College Logo

Media Partner

Conference Venue


Early Bird Registration is the best time to book your seats for the event with highest discount. Our earlybird registration is ending on Oct 30, 2019.

Kindly mail us or call us to get your invoice. Our customer supports are available for your 24/7.

You can fill the registration form and select your option such as workshop, competitions and symposium as these are not part of the registration.

Any 16+ person can participate in our event

Our conference manager will provide you with all kind of assistance including letter for visa.

Any students from high school to their post graduation level are eligible for student rate by sending their scan copy of their college ID to our mail. Moreover, same ID has to be shown during the event.

Each attendee is eligible for free demo service from our offerings free of cost.

  • Any cancellations request should be mail to us at least before 5 weeks before the event start date to get your full refund.
  • A fee of 50% of your registration amount will be deducted if received between 5 weeks to 3 weeks. Moreover, no refund will be given for cancellations that are received two weeks or less from the start of the event.

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