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Execution is so critical, sometimes you just need to try something to see what works and move forward

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ProdARK Kentron Product

Don't just simply chase after data, equip the power of cluster data

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Kentron Company Profile

We bring to you the inner personas of an establishment across niche market

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Kentron HosARK Hospital Database

Presenting you the outline of healthcare organizations

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Ketron Clinical Trail Database TrailARK

Sampling is real research

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How we help, powering business?

Kentron Market Intelligence
Hybrid Market Research

Get strong, and actionable driven analysis for deeper assessment of business and products.

Kentron Market Intelligence
Brand Strategy & Analysis

Understand the consumer angle through analytics and algorithm to deliver positive business results.

Kentron Market Intelligence
Business Consulting

Draw attention for evolving customer and technologies changing the revenue growth.

Kentron Market Intelligence
Database Solution

ML-powered analytics to predict customer priority to interpret behavior and trends wit insights.

Kentron Market Intelligence
Risk Assessment

A detailed illustration assessing costs and benefits of products. customer, industry and market.

Kentron Market Intelligence
Conference & Exhibition

Ask, check & observe consumers and vendor trends in our conference & exhibition

Reinforcing B2B services

Are you still looking at the old design and bulky reports? We enable custom solution from start to end uncovering answers to deliver custom deeper insight.

We create models forming customer-specific deliverable from scratch. Helping you to unbolt swarm of data and carry out studies with our cutting-edge technologies of Machine Learning (ML), AI techniques to automate models to get extract data that is necessary for your next decisions.


Market Model Reports

Kentron Deepresearch

Country Report

Kentron Deepresearch

Product Assessment Reports

How We Serve Our Clients Better

  • By understanding a new perspective of who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

  • By exploring uncharted areas to mitigate business concerns and understanding emerging demands

  • By investigating data from multiple sources to understand what is happening and what changes can enhance my revenue stream

  • By profiling each data sets and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

  • By assessing potential opportunity, volume and market positioning to drive effective strategy

Why choose KI Market Intelligence?

As an individual researcher or business, you have requirement of stacks of data. But do you find difficult to combine the data from unreliable or unstructured sources.

That’s where KI Market Intelligence comes in, to understand business requirement. We put together data from primary, secondary and python-based research into model to monitor issues impacting business directly. Learn more about your customer, competitor and market behavior.

This is where magnum opus happens.

We are here for you. Write to us and we will get back in no time.