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Introducing MedDevice Ignition, your next move to grasp the prescience of the medical device market. An annual conference and expo aimed to provide a unique opportunity for academicians and industry executives.

It connects professionals and key decision-makers to network and learn best practices used in device regulation, market-entry, R&D, engineering and commercialization. Do not miss a chance to gain an exclusive demonstration of the medtech industry. Our agenda consists of panel discussion, seminars, podium dialogue, competitions, posters, product launch, live and remote presentation.

Listen to the first-hand case studies presented by brightest minds and walk away with insights to streamline processes, optimize development, design, decrease risk, improve GTM strategy, reduce costs, and remain compliant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Attendees can present their research work in the form of oral, poster, panel rounds, lectures, idea based sessions, lightning talks and virtual presentation. All presentation to be published in our book of abstracts.

Ignition Session

Regulatory Roundtable
Understand the regulation of medical device straight from the horse’s mouth. An interactive Q&A session with our audience.

The strategy of EU CE mark approval
Effect of Brexit on the device industry
Recall & marketing strategy
FDA Pathway: 510K, PMA, Denovo & HDE
@nofilter CEO Catchup
A set of questionnaire which we don’t discuss anywhere else. In-depth understanding of market conditions, industry focus, future plans, challenges, acquisitions and competitions.

Lab to Market
Consumer data and security
UAE Market Entry
Research-based Chat Session
Another informal discussion of problems with our research

Commercialisation of ‘Research use only’ products
Challenges to profitability
Cyber security Risk
Cafe Debate on Clinical Trials
Internal discussions among stakeholders (clinical investigators, patients, payers, physicians, and regulators) about research, patients, time, practices, money, materials, and many more

Technical testing in pre-clinical trials
Clinical Trials Exemption
Study Design

Top Market Leaders

Dr Ruchi DanaBoard Member, Dana Group, UAE

Dr Mohamed Elezbawy Senior Business Manager, Stryker, UAE

Connect with mentors or right investors & introduce your product


    Novel Startup 2021

    Visionary Product Design

    #Creative Diagnostics

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Technical Tracks

29th March

Anesthesia & Respiratory Devices
  • Sleep apnea diagnostic system
  • Pain management devices
  • Anesthesia machine, mask, breathing filters and bags
  • Airway technology
  • Nebulizer therapy

Ready for COVID-19 & next pandemic?
  • Science of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Rapid detection kit & remote monitoring devices
  • Ventilators, face masks and respirators, gowns and gloves
  • Sterilizers, disinfectant devices, and air purifiers
  • Demand outstrippying supply
  • Boost of telehealth technology
  • Priority medical device for pandemic disease

Dental Devices
  • Advancement in dentistry and oral cancer
  • Dental hygiene & public health
  • Dental practice growth & ergonomics
  • Dental imaging and photography innovation
  • Dental biomaterial science
  • Dental practice marketing

Cardiovascular Devices
  • Frontiers in cardiovascular diseases
  • Complications in cardiovascular interventions
  • Clinical pathway and approval of Cardiovascular Devices

Nephrology and Urology Devices
  • Incontinence devices
  • Wearable artificial kidney

30th March

Recall Regulatory Steps
  • AAMI ISO standards, MDSAP
  • EU Medical Device Regulations
  • FDA pathway problem: 510(K), PMA, HDE & De Novo
  • Manufacturer vs Regulatory Body
  • UDI, labelling & certification
  • Regulatory framework in different regions
  • Regulatory reform on medical device packaging

Medical Device Investment
  • What to know before invest in medical device & areas of investment
  • Early stage investing, investor pool & VC investment
  • Device industry IPO trends
  • Low cost device value in developing nations
  • Way to better portfolio: Merger & Acquisitions or Outsourcing
  • Govt funding in different countries & its success rates

Diabetes Care Devices
  • Diabetes research in clinical practice & emerging diagnosis
  • Glucose sensors, Continuous glucose monitoring and Insulin pumps practices
  • Improper diet & Obesity rate challenges

In Vitro Diagnostics
  • IVD regulation in USA, Europe & Asia
  • POC technology & Biomarker innovation
  • Regulatory challenges for novel diagnostics
  • Combination device for IVD technology

Orthopedic Device
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation engineering
  • Computer & Robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery

31st March

Industry Next
  • Lifecycle: Development, design, manufacturing & regulation
  • Evolution of traditional medical devices industry
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Devices
  • IOT, BIG DATA & Blockchain implementation
  • Data privacy: Clinical and commercial challenges and opportunities
  • User centric design & security

Pharmaceutical + Medical Device
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Pharmaceutical & Device: Pricing & Market Access
  • Opioid medication growth
  • Post marketing commercialization in USA, Europe & Asia
  • Intellectual property
  • Medical Device/Combination Product

Neurology Devices
  • Neurostimulation devices, Laser technology & RNS
  • Anti-epiletic treatments
  • Wearable and non – invasive technology
  • Neurobotics & neurorehabilitation

Ophthalmic & ENT Devices
  • Cataract and refractive surgery
  • Pediatric ophthalmology
  • New trends in ENT implantation
  • Audiology & Hearing rehabilitation

Wound Care Management
  • Ulcers & Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Diabetic wound management