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Welcome to the Pharma Affairs 2022

Pharma Affairs scheduled during March 25-27, 2022 in New Delhi, India which includes a wide range of prompt keynote presentations, speaker presentations and so on. It provides researchers, scientists and delegates with the right forum to share their knowledge through industry and academia and to discuss new technologies worldwide.

It is a three-day event that is specially organised and incorporates a wide variety of scientific disciplines vital to the discovery and production of new medicines and therapies. Many specialised fields such as Drug Discovery Design, Action, Distribution, Study, Clinical Sciences, Pharmacoeconomics, Regulatory Affairs can be broadly categorised as pharmaceutical sciences.

We are pleased to welcome academics, scientists, physicians, health professionals, pharmaceutical organisations, clinical research organisations and all members of the pharmaceutical industry and experts. It will serve as an international forum for meeting researchers from all over the world, broadening professional interaction and generating new opportunities, including the development of new partnerships.

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3 Day
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Product Launch

Schedule Plan

Pharma Disruption

Next Gen Technology

Mobile Health

Patients Centric Era

Pharma Industry & COVID-19

Pharmaceutical Sciences


New Toxicology Studies

Clinical Pharmacology

Drug vs Therapy Area


Nanotechnology Trends

Regulatory Affairs

Drug Regulations

Drug Regulatory Affairs: FDA, EMEA, Health Canada, SFDA, KFDA, ANVISA, TGA

Lets Understand: Drug Approvals and Databases

Pressing Issues

Women in Pharma

Strategy to Execution

Counterfeit Drugs & Drug Addiction

Low Drug Approval Count

Science of Drug

Lab to Market

Drug Delivery and Reaction

Drug Testing Technology

Drug discovery, development, and therapy

Orphan drugs

Drug patenting

Pharmaceutics Business and Market

Pricing and Supply Chain

Issue in expanding and Drug launch

Manufacturing & Distribution

Pharmaceutical R&D Investment

Hidden Costs of Pharmaceutical Procurement

Pharmaceutical Trade and Forecast

Drug Price

How to Make it Affordable?

Drug Pricing Laws

Pricing Strategies for Rare Disease

Political Factors Against Pricing

Harnessing AI for Drug Pricing Research

API Business

Synthetic vs Biologics

Regulatory Framework

Tech Transfer & Outsourcing API

Best practice in API

Drug Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Trends impact on developing countries

Generic vs Branded Drug

Remote Monitoring During Pandemic

Risk Assessment Management in Clinical Trials

Protocol Development & Optimization

Technology and Pharma

Technology Transfer

Prescription Drug & OTC Sales by Technology

Oncology: Biggest Segment of Pharma industry

Digital Marketing & Automation in Pharma

Pharma Packaging

Sustainability on Plate

Need of Contract Packagers (CPs)

Smart Packaging Mania

Packaging & Biologics

Tracking Technology

New Solution in Primary & Secondary Packaging

Why I should attend Pharma Affairs?


• Get insights to the commercial department of company

• Explore new career option in pharmaceutical industry

• Implement new trends of clinical knowledge into practice

• Get funded for your next project

• Cater your expertise to wider audience

Industry Professionals

• Meet leaders in their field

• Get intangible networking benefits

• Get untouched new pipeline customers

• Recruit from the best of industry

• Make new clients & renew the existing contacts


• Amplify your dissemination of research & publish it

• Investigate your new ideas

• Listen and learn from the All-stars

• Gain CE or CPE credits

• Stay industry ready with the latest trends