Company Profile Monitor (CPM)

Company Profile Monitor (CPM) is garner of information of each company including location, employees, time in business, turnover and performance.

We cover more than 10k companies in more than 30 countries

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Why Choose Company Profile Monitor (CPM) ?

  • Our trust in our analyst will provide a up time solution with timely support and services.
  • Real-time, multi-sourced new gathering (Newswire, press release, investor, financial reports).
  • Immediate response to your query 24/7 with problem solving customer care.
  • Competitor analysis framework to develop robust marketing strategies to be a step ahead for your products.
  • Primary Research with qualitative and quantitative Data (KOL, stakeholders, company representative).
  • Our research work and media monitoring changes as per market dynamics.
  • Your asset is your data and our asset is you.
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Learn the Reality

From the basics of history, governance, business units, financial and sales information.

Compare with competitors

A brief analogy of companies with competitors to compare with different fields.

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Financial Bytes

Profile with companies funding information, history of revenue, investors, mergers and acquisitions, a complete overview of macro data.

Archive News

Stay updated with latest press release, news and blog post. Track each moment to milestone launch of products just beside the corner.

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Competition is Here - STAY INFORMED.