How Biomall has come up with ecommerce sites for laboratory products?

Dr. S. Jhaveri, Managing Director, BioMall

What is the specialty of BioMall from other competitors?

Biomall (www.biomall.in) was established in the year 2016 by Dr. S. Jhaveri, Ph.D. Chemistry and Chemical Biology from Cornell University, USA. Biomall is a B2B online e-commerce marketplace dedicated to the laboratory, life science and diagnostic products. It is India’s first e-commerce website which offers researchers and lab users’ laboratory products directly online using a secured payment gateway. Biomall hosts 100,000+ products from 150+ brands across 100+ categories such as chemicals, lab equipment & consumables, microbiology, diagnostics, molecular biology, chromatography, etc.

The biggest USP of Biomall is that it’s an online platform dedicated only to the laboratory, life science and diagnostic products. This separates it from several other marketplaces which sell all kind of products. Biomall gives a target customer base to all the sellers who can then use this platform as a good marketing tool as it caters specifically to the scientists, pathologists, medical, pharma and QC professionals.

It provides the option to buy lab products directly online in just 3 steps – 1) select quantity, 2) add to cart and 3) place order by making an online payment. Buyers can request for a bulk discount if more than 10 packs are needed. Buyers can also post an enquiry for products not found on the portal. This enquiry then gets shared to all registered sellers on the portal who can send an online quote to the buyers as per product availability.

Competitors for Biomall include B2B e-commerce platforms like Industry buying & Amazon business who provide an online platform for buying all sorts of industrial supplies. These sites are however not focused on the lab industry and do not have a wide range of products that Biomall offers. In India, Biomall stands as the only comprehensive platform to target the lab professionals through its customized online eCommerce business model and acts as one point of contact for international buyers interested to source their supplies from India.

What is your opinion on the problem of India’s SMEs to reach the end users?

For any business, initial years involves the development of the product and promoting it in the market. The company needs to allocate huge funds in brand marketing which can be done via digital marketing and offline marketing – wherein one needs to hire sales professionals across the country who will visit all customers informing them about their products, and generate sales. The main constraint with SMEs is acquiring the funds needed to market their products across different cities, and because of this their business growth and customer reach gets restricted. As majority of people are now reachable through digital media, SMEs can employ digital modes of sales and marketing to enhance their business growth.

What is your next stage of BioMall from online equipment sales to Scientific Product E-commerce Aggregator?

We are India’s first ecommerce marketplace dedicated for all kind of scientific products including chemicals, lab equipment & consumables, microbiology, diagnostics, molecular biology, chromatography, etc. Now, we are looking into expanding to international markets and sell products made in India to worldwide market

How much do you think Indian audience is aware of all equipment’s they use?

In this digital era, wherein all information is available just a click away, everyone can easily educate oneself about the use and technicalities of the scientific equipments available in the market. Users working in the scientific laboratories are well aware of the main purpose of all equipments they use, and are well informed for the basic cleanliness, maintenance and calibration of the equipments. Since equipment’s, especially the advanced models and big equipments, come very expensive to the pocket, organizations ensure that all users follow the SOPs and maintain GLP while using the equipments.

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