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Twindemic by this fall is a new concern

Expert says that there would be a danger of multiple flu infection in coming times

How Oseltamivir is effective against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS)?

Oseltamivir is not only present in common household medication, but also it is a common antiviral drug in essential clinics

World Food Programme (WFP) wins Nobel Peace Prize 2020 first time in history for addressing hunger …

World Food Day stands for the preservation and easy access to safe and nutritious food as part of the response of the public to the COVID-19 global h…

India may get COVID-19 vaccine by march 2021 as multiple manufacturers are working on it: Say exper…

Safety, efficacy and distribution without discrimination of COVID-19 vaccines are as important as its accessibility

Non-Contact Thermometers (Infrared Guns) Miss 5 Out of 6 Fevers: Reveals Study

First Study Comparing Accuracy of Non-Contact Thermometers to Temporal Artery Thermometers

Gifting motherhood through IVF technique during the COVID pandemic

IVF is an ART comprising of controlled ovarian hyper stimulation followed by retrieval of eggs from the ovaries

Covid-19 Fear Compromised Treatment Access to 40% Heart Patients: Study

While patients being admitted to hospital emergency units with an acute heart attack have decreased, there is a marked increase in deaths from cardia…

FDA approves first treatment for patients with rare type of lung disease

Scleroderma is an uncommon disease that causes tissue all through the body, including the lungs and different organs, to thicken and scar

Wallaby Medical wins FDA nod, CE Mark for Avenir neurovascular coil

Wallaby’s technology is designed to facilitate intracranial navigation and minimize microcatheter kick-out while requiring no external energy source

Optimising Productivity of Medical Devices in India through Academia and Industry Collaboration: Sa…

'Make in India' initiative is pushing the Indian medical devices sector to become self-reliant to actualise honourable Prime Minister's Atmanirbhar B…

74% Indians suffering from stress & 88% suffering from anxiety: says study

Ever since the pandemic hit India over nine months back, followed by an unprecedented lockdown, stress and anxiety levels have been on the rise with …

COVID-19 has Affected the Momentum of POSHAN Abhiyaan: Says UNICEF Nutrition Chief

Two-thirds of the 1.04 million deaths in children under five years in India is still attributable to malnutrition. And during COVID-19, it may increa…

Waste Management Amid Covid 19 Pandemic

Lots of behavioral changes will be seen in the foreseen future, from normal gatherings to celebrations.

Wastewater could be key to tracking a second wave of COVID-19

Developing best-practices and standardised procedures for collecting and storing water samples

Digital Transformation – The need of the hour for the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, says survey

Pharmaceutical companies are considering dedicating about 5% to 10% of their marketing budget towards creating webinars and online communications

IIT Madras Students Develop Multi-Lingual Digital Game to Create Awareness about COVID-19

Apart from English, the 'IITM Covid game' has already been made available in 12 languages – Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, M…