Privacy Policy


Kentron Insight has issued this privacy statement to reassure clients of the company's commitment to their privacy. Kentron Insight  collects and processes personal information about its clients in accordance with its necessary and healthy business practises.

The following Privacy Policy establishes how Kentron Insight plans to use the information gathered from clients. Kentron Insight is committed to being open and transparent on how it gathers and uses data, as well as to complying with its data privacy obligations. However, you have the option of not entering certain information, which will limit the services that Kentron Insight can provide. The information gathered can be stored in a variety of places, including HR management systems, other IT systems (such as email), and marketing and sales-related software/spreadsheets.

IP Address

When you visit Kentron Insight, your computer's IP address is recorded to aid in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of server-related issues. Your IP address assists us in tracking and recording any activity carried out by your server. It also allows us to recognise you when you make purchases.

Payment Details

When you make a purchase, this information is collected by Kentron Insight.