Kentron Product is the central location or depository of drug and medical device databases. Our business intelligence solution provides real time solution for stakeholders (manufacturers, distributor, solution provider, healthcare professional, clinicians, physician or researcher). Our brief overview of product history with 20+ fields to support strategic decision and identify new opportunity.

We present 14+ segments of in-depth analysis of trends and opportunity by market, by region, by indication, by application, etc. Our fields includes the intended purpose, description, generic name, brand name, classification, country approved, approval pathway, device class, indication, application, function, safety, malfunction, recalls, manufacturing, clinical trials, use type, technical information, storage and handling information, merger and acquisition and many more. All fields are equally distributed in pipeline and marketed products of drug and medical device database.

Pipeline & Marketed Product Insights by Segment

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Why Choose Kentron Products?

  • Our trust in our analyst will provide a up time solution with timely support and services
  • Money back guarantee within 40 days
  • Your asset is your data and our asset is you
  • Real-time, multi-sourced new gathering (Newswire, press release, investor, financial reports)
  • Immediate response to your query 24/7 with problem solving customer care
  • Competitor analysis framework to develop robust marketing strategies to be a step ahead for your products
  • Primary Research with qualitative and quantitative Data (KOL, stakeholders, company representative)
  • Our research work and media monitoring changes as per market dynamics

Featured Subscription

  • Complete over view of regulatory pathway solution
  • More than 10,000 data points
  • Covers 13 clinical trial registries
  • New Market player strategy at your hand
  • Investigator data in your pocket

Premium Services

  • Your premium feature at cost effective service
  • Real Time and competitive intelligence changes and updates
  • Products trial Coverage and Milestone
  • Compare products with other competitor
  • Company Market Share and Forecast
  • Indication, Application Info graphics and insights
  • User buying pattern and M&A updates (License, Collaboration, Venture)

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